Updated: Jun 3, 2020

These days everyone is trying to optimize their performance and trim the fat wherever needed. Exercise and movement is a huge component to that. Check out the following 3 types of workouts that maximize fat loss.”

Hypertrophy - Hypertrophy training is weightlifting for the purpose of building lean muscle. Increasing skeletal muscle mass increases a person’s basal metabolic rate which is how many calories their body burns at rest. Pros are that it increases strength, tightens and tones muscles, and decreases cortisol level. Cons are that it requires weightlifting equipment, a knowledge about the movements to properly execute, and moderate risk of injury. 

Animal Flow - Animal Flow is a calisthenics based workout in which a person completes different primal movements one after another in a seamless flow. It is great for burning calories and increasing control of body weight. Pros are that it requires no equipment (just open space), great for mobility, tones and engages core, and is fairly easy to do with little risk of injury. Cons are that it can have a high impact on the wrists, require a strong mind-body connection, and can be particularly hard for very heavy set people.  

Swimming - Swimming is a great low impact workout that can be done in a multitude of ways depending on the goals and knowledge of the participant. Due to the weightless aspect of swimming it is generally very good for the joints and is often recommended to elderly and heavy set people. Pros include: low impact, helps participants gain control of breathing, very low risk of injury, great for beginners and advanced swimmers, and full body workout. Cons include: need access to a swimming pool, must know how to swim, can cause dry skin from the chlorine exposure.

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