Relationships define our lives. However, sometimes our relationships can harm us.

Romance first comes to mind, but it goes beyond that.


There’s probably someone or something, in your life, that you share a harmful connection with. 


There are bad relationships within the family that lead to years of silence, bad relationships with food that lead to uncontrollable weight gain, and even bad relationships with money that lead to debt. 


Imagine a life where you never resolve these issues… yeah… fuck that.


Wouldn’t you rather conquer your vices and rebuild your burned bridges? 


That’s the purpose of the Holistic Harmony Mentorship. 

It’s an 8-week group coaching program designed to accelerate healing and anchor in more harmony within the relationships of your life. 

You choose one relationship that you need to work on, and I will help you approach it with authenticity, discipline, and understanding throughout the course of the program. 

It can be anything; a reliance on harmful substances, a video game addiction, a tarnished relationship with your father or mother, an impulsive need for sex or the lack thereof, problems with authority, even the cycles of self-sabotage and self-loathing within yourself.

Within 8-Weeks, you will develop a perspective of awareness and acceptance of your toxic relationships, allowing you to forgive yourself for the damage that has been done. We will explore methods to help you stay accountable for your choice to heal and show you how to remain conscious of that choice.

The end result will be a total integration of a new harmonious mindset applied to the old relationships causing you harm. 

You will be eager, willing, and grounded enough to repair interpersonal relationships and aware enough to not fall prey to your old cycles and bad habits.

You will be in control. 


This program will grant you 3 powerful benefits: 

     1. A container of trust, confidentiality, and zero judgment to open up about the toxic relationship you’ve selected.

     2. A supporting group of people to share that space with. Everyone will have their individual struggle, so you will battle your demon, but you won’t do it alone!

     3. Vastly improved interpersonal relationships, self-control, clarity, and discipline.


And that’s not even including the perks that I’ll give you during and after the program. You see, I’m committed to making your healing a GUARANTEE, so much that I’m giving you a surplus of resources and value that will keep you on track months after this program ends. 


In addition to these 3 big benefits, I’ll be giving you:


  • 8 Weekly 1-2 Hour Group Calls

  • A Personalized Accountability System

  • An Emotional Support System 

  • Weekly 30 min Check-Ins (1 on 1)

  • Access to the Harmonious Community

  • A Free Copy of The 7 Steps of Holistic Harmony

  • A Nutritional Guidance PDF

  • A Holistic Health Guidance PDF

  • A Standard Fitness Routine PDF

  • 2 Guest Speakers

  • And an Exclusive 50% discount on my Peak Performance Program 

(valid for 6 months after program completion)


As you can see, with everything the program entails I am looking to go beyond healing a singular relationship in your life. If anything, that is the least I’ll do for you. 


This group coaching approach will bring you to balance by improving multiple aspects of your life, that is true harmony. 


Do you know who you would be like if you didn’t give in to the distractions, temptations, and rocky connections currently wreaking havoc in your life? 


Don’t you think you deserve to find out?


I think so, and even if you’re calling bullshit on me right now, deep down, I think you do too.


That’s worth exploring.


So, if you’re ready to take the leap, click below.