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3 Ways to BioHack Your Diet For Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

Biohacking simply put is understanding the body’s natural processes and working in accordance to these processes as opposed to against. The first level is understanding or awareness of these processes. Then we can begin to work with them, and once we do that, the benefits are extraordinary! We can see less mental fog, more focus, improved memory, increased vitality and energy, less lethargy, and even heightened senses.

  1. A great tip for biohacking one’s diet is increasing the nutritional density of the meals by increasing the micronutrient content through various superfoods like microgreens, sprouts, seeds and legumes, avocados etc. 
  1. Biohacking for muscle gains can look like being very intentional about nutrient timing. Nutrient timing tells us, what we consume isn’t the only factor as to how we will absorb and utilize it, but also when! A diverse collection of amino acids and high-glycemic carbs are much more beneficial for muscle gain than protein and low glycemic carbs. Immediately after a workout you want simple carbs and the building blocks of protein to help build up the muscle. Otherwise the body has to work to break them down before they can be properly utilized. 
  1. Biohacking for weight loss is much simpler than many think. It involves intermittent fasting, hydration, and breathwork. Starting the day with a lot of fluids (making sure to sip slowly) and deep diaphragmatic breathing can have a huge effect not only on detoxification but on hunger levels and awareness around cravings throughout the day. Herbal teas, the morning mineral cocktail (water, lemon, celtic salt), or just plain water stimulates the digestive system and metabolism. Filling up on oxygen with practices like Wim Hof Method breathwork floods the brain and body with oxygen which helps us at every level of performance.
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The Double Duty Detox Smoothie!

When it comes to detoxification, there’s a few things to keep in mind. It’ll probably save you some money from opportunistic brands on Instagram who capitalize on the lack of education around detoxification. Detoxing is something our bodies naturally do and the things we consume either aids in that process or severely slows it down. 

Think of your body like your city’s sanitation department. When you eat stuff that takes a lot of time to digest, produces an acidic response, or causes build up of mucoid plaque in the gastrointestinal system that’s like throwing your garbage all out in the street without properly packaging it. You’re essentially making the job harder for the sanitation workers. It’s going to take them more time and more than likely they’ll opt for completely skipping your house. 

Your body works the exact same way. You wouldn’t throw your trash away all over the driveway and sidewalk so why make it harder for your body to eliminate waste in the same manner? 

There are a few different forms of detoxification that your body does, mainly two forms. Your body is constantly detoxing heavy metals and mucoid plaque. Heavy metals build up in our bodies over time and after exposure to products like deodorant, aerosol sprays, aluminum foil, fish, and much more. Chronic exposure to heavy metals can cause fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and a few other symptoms. Mucoid plaque on the other hand is a build up of undigested matter that combines with mucus and sticks to the large and small intestine. This makes it more difficult for us to optimally absorb the nutrients we eat. 

I explain all of this because the following smoothie will aid your body in both the detoxification of mucoid plaque and heavy metals. The recipe goes as follows: 


1 thumb of ginger

1 bushel of cilantro 

1 bushel of parsley 

½ cucumber 

1 green apple

2 squeezed lemons

1 tablespoon of cholera & spirulina

1 tablespoon of activated charcoal  

2 Handfuls of concord grapes 

Drinking this juice gives your body a break from digestion as there is more surface area so less work for the digestive system. On top of that cilantro, parsley, cholera, and spirulina are amazing heavy metal detoxification agents. The grapes and lemon juice are extremely astringent which means they help pull out any form of plaque build up. These agents do a clean sweep and the activated charcoal binds to the plaque making it easier to come out. The best time to drink it would be for breakfast. If you would like more information on detoxing and fasting please be sure to check out my fasting and detoxification guide here.

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